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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know – Science

Paul Parsons & Gail Dixon

50 Science Ideas You Really Need to Know is your guide to the biggest questions and deepest concepts from across the whole of science. What was the Big Bang? How did life on Earth arise? What does quantum mechanics tell us about the universe? Is true artificial intelligence possible? And does life exist on other planets?

Moving from the basics of atoms and molecules, Newton's laws of physics and the building blocks of life to the cutting edge of nanotechnology, Einstein's theories of relativity and cloning, this app makes the many worlds of science accessible and illuminating. Featuring fifty concise, insightful and illustrated essays covering physics and astronomy, Earth and life sciences, chemistry and materials, psychology and computing, and exploring the ways they connect with each other and impact on our lives, 50 Science Ideas You Really Need to Know is the ideal introduction to the questions which fascinate us all.

Contents include: Special relativity, General relativity, Quantum mechanics, Particle physics, Information theory, Chaos theory, Artificial intelligence, Atoms and molecules, The periodic table, Radioactivity, Nanotechnology, The origin of life, Photosynthesis, The cell, Evolution, The double helix, Cloning, Consciousness, Language, Plate tectonics, Mass extinctions, Climate change, Galaxies, The Big Bang, Dark matter, Dark energy, Death of the universe, Black holes, Exoplanets, Extraterrestrial life, and many more.

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