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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know – The Future

Richard Watson

What will the world look like in 2020, 2030 or even 2100? How will progress in scientific research affect human life in the areas of health and lifestyle, energy and the environment, politics and conflict, space exploration and even the ultimate questions of existence? What are the doomsday scenarios we must overcome and the shining futures we might achieve? In 50 concise briefings, this app offers an electrifying tour through the wonders - and terrors - awaiting us over the next hundred years.

Contents include:Surveillance, Digital democracy, Cyber warfare, Water wars, Beyond fossil fuels, Population change, Geo-engineering, Megacities, Internet of things, Quantum & DNA computing, Nanotechnology, Artificial intelligence, Personalized genomics, Regenerative medicine, Medical data mining, Living alone, Income polarization, What is work?, Human beings 2.0, Brain-machine interfaces, Transhumanism, Space tourism, Alien intelligence, Biohazards and plagues, Nuclear terrorism, Mass extinction, The singularity, Mind modification, Future shock and many others.

Text © Richard Watson 2012