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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know – Ethics

Ben Dupré

Questions of ethics - about how we should act, our responsibilities to one another, the difference between right and wrong - have long been debated by philosophers the world over and form the foundations of government, culture and religion. Here, in concise, easy-to-read chapters, Ben Dupré explains the fundamentals of this discipline and how it is relevant to our lives today.

Covering essential ethical concepts, including relativism, the golden rule and utilitarianism, as well as high-profile issues such as terrorism, censorship and the death penalty, 50 Ethics Ideas You Really Need to Know will lead you through the moral maze - and rattle your conscience in the process.

Contents include: Right and wrong, Moral realism, The harm principle, Moral subjectivism, The ring of Gyges, Ends and means, Kantian ethics, Moral luck, Free will, Social contracts, Humanism, Nihilism, Justice, Equality, Torture, Rights, Altruism, Crime and punishment, Eating animals, Death, Genetic engineering, War, Poverty, The environment, and many more.

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