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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know – The Universe

Joanne Baker

For millennia humanity has gazed in wonder at the night sky, tracked the motions of the planets and attempted to explain our place in the Universe. But only in our own time has the true scale, the astonishing variety and the remarkable strangeness of the cosmos come clearly into focus.

The pace and sophistication of recent scientific discovery has been breathtaking, but breakthroughs are often difficult to understand and their impact is hard to fully appreciate. In 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Universe, Joanne Baker clearly and concisely explains all of the essential concepts, major discoveries and the very latest thinking in astrophysics and cosmology. From the Big Bang to the death of stars, this app is the perfect introduction to the cutting-edge science that is shaping our understanding of our place in the Universe and that could lead to the next great discovery - the detection of life beyond Earth.

Contents include: Planets, Newtonian gravity, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Olbers’ paradox, Cosmic distance ladder, The Big Bang, Cosmic Background Radiation, Antimatter, Dark matter, Cosmic inflation, Special relativity, General relativity, Black holes, Particle astrophysics, The God particle, String theory, Galaxy clusters, Quasars, Supermassive black holes, Galaxy evolution, Stellar births and deaths, Pulsars, The Sun, Exoplanets, Formation of the solar system, Moons, Astrobiology, Fermi paradox, and many more.

Text © Joanne Baker 2010.