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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know – Psychology

Adrian Furnham

Does altruism really exist? Are our minds blank slates at birth? And do dreams reveal our unconscious desires?

Psychology is everywhere in today's society. No crime fiction, documentary, chat show or medical consultation is complete without the introduction of a psychological angle. Psychology seeks to understand and explain thoughts, feelings and behaviour through a dizzying array of ideas and theories, shedding light on everything from memory, social mobility and attitude formation to delusions of grandeur, alcoholism and computer phobia, to name a few.

In 50 Psychology Ideas You Really Need to Know, Professor Adrian Furnham explains the central ideas of psychology in 50 concise and accessible essays. Packed with the latest research, important case studies and the arguments of key thinkers, this app is the perfect introduction to psychological theory.

Contents include: Abnormal behaviour, Placebo effect, Kicking the habit, Stress, Delusions, Hallucinations, Positive psychology, Emotional intelligence, Cognitive therapy, IQ, Multiple intelligences, The Rorschach inkblot test, Detecting lies, Obedience to authority, Self-sacrifice or selfishness, Gambler's fallacy, Judgement and problem-solving, Remembrance of things past, Witness testimony, Artificial intelligence, Dreaming, Tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, Psychosexual stages, Cognitive stages, Behaviourism, Tabula rasa; Phrenology; Dyslexia, Who’s that?, and many more.

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